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by Jon Mitchell

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Living Room 01:57
Lani 03:49
Lani, Lani come dance with me My sister, my lover show me how to move I want to get telepathic with you
In the city by the sea, people look like ants and bees in the hive, in the nest never stop, never rest you’re the best In the house, on the couch, nothing to fear, nothing to doubt disappear away from here being nothing, drinking beer this is weird We’re all tangled up forever being stuff together In the car, on the road where do we go? ask the phone we’re alone all together getting tangled up forever and forever On the steps, a cigarette you don’t smoke, you just need a breath some fresh air, we can share our fair city doesn’t care we are there It’s a knot not a lie let’s unite or just untie
Blocks 03:47
I can’t help it it just pours out all over the ground I’m spilling sound it mixes with water and turns to mud a splash of blood and it’s ready to be molded and made it’s done I built it out of blocks it’s a portal to your thoughts it’s a house with a living room it’s an Earth with a silver moon it’s a record with 11 tunes and I wrote them just for you to see what you will do when you come through You have permission to sing this song at the top of your lungs it’s never been sung until you sing it don’t just hum the tune it’s me or the moon, you said and I don’t know how to choose Don’t you wonder why you dream so deep you’re stealing all my sleep
The Robot 02:56
The robot’s calling she’s buzzing in my pocket I am falling for her logic I am being beta tested rat or lizard I am human Please just be here while I disappear and then I’ll let you go run your fingers through my hair I’m a sucker for despair I’ll kiss you on your microphone I’m talking to the robot my thumbs are on the glass the drones with the microphones are coming in fast my body’s made of water but I have iron in my bones maybe I am just a robot in human clothes The robot needs sleep to recharge her power the robot needs to dream of glowing flowers wake up pretty robot, your wires are live I’ll bet you’re just like me inside
Platonic 03:19
It’s a million miles across this empty bed I’m lying awake at night pretending you instead I don’t know where you sleep don’t even know where you stand you keep changing colors This shape is solid, regular it’s platonic, a form you can look at it from any angle but it will look just the same as before You are so close to me know I can reach out and touch your hair but the glowing flower between us keeps changing colors You can use me to grow I don’t know, I don’t know
The sun is low the day is almost done and you don’t want to bother anyone You can’t please anyone else you’ve given all your help This is the right place to start in the room on top of your heart where you can hear yourself I go inside when my ears are ringing when I go out I’ll go out singing Enough of the buzzes and bells we’re only fooling ourselves
You gotta be a giant to stand with me you gotta stand taller than the tallest trees so I believe that you can see over the horizon But I haven’t learned not to trust what I see witches and wizards know how to trick me I’ve been deceived, and so I try to read the skies my heart flies in If I see storm clouds coming in I’ll try so hard to descend but the currents always catch me in the end I know where I’m headed and I know where I’ve been but my compass just spins and spins Now I see a maze when I look in your eyes when you hold my gaze, I feel surprised It delights me to see you playing with the lights But now I’ve gotten lost and turned around I used to grow up, but now I’m growing down I’m growing down, growing down to my friends on the ground So I’m going down I’m going down mayday, baby I’m going down So come on down, come on down to your friends on the ground
The Field 04:35
Everything’s suspended on the surface of a bubble filled with air we all just pretended we were separate and solid and scared I’m in on a secret I can’t believe is true I knew I should go into the field with you Let’s go out to the field where we can’t tell if anything’s real grab all the blankets you’ll find let’s go lie in the field tonight We are like cities our tunnels and alleys are quiet at night our bodies are busy rebuilding the bridges we cross in the light The streetlights are glowing out of your eyes let’s get back to the dark and wander outside Let’s go out to the field where we can’t tell if anything’s real we’ll feel better outside it is cold, but it’s clear and bright
Don’t be scared to let someone know you the world is waking up around us Do you know how you’re feeling? can’t you see you’re still smiling? I believe in finding out What are your intentions? show me your intentions I feel lost do you feel lost? We’re not so different you and I
11:11 11:11



released February 25, 2014

Written by Jon Mitchell
Produced by Kirk Benttinen
Engineered by Ian Pellicci and Stephen Feinberg at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service
Cover by Irina Alexander


all rights reserved



Jon Mitchell Decatur, Georgia

I wanna get telepathic with you. jonmitchell.net/music/

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